Out Here Grindin’

There seems to be a recurring theme in this life of why not so good things happen to good people. However, I’m curious as to why good things happen to not so good people. Now, that may sound harsh and self-absorbed on my part, but we all think it at some point or another. I mean, lets put this into perspective. You bust your tail at work or in school, never complaining about anything, just giving 110% effort all the time. But, the kid who is always complaining about the amount of work they have to do, and actually doesn’t do jack squat, ends up getting the promotion at work, or making the better grade than you. If that doesn’t anger you at all, then God bless you! It would genuinely have set me off. A situation like that would have created feelings of bitterness towards the other kid, and would have decreased my desire to continue to give it my all at the job I was doing since I wasn’t being rewarded for it. However, this is not how we should feel at all. God calls us to persevere through situations like this, trusting that He has our backs, and will not leave us hanging.

The other day I set out to complete a soccer workout in preparation for an ID camp at Liberty next week. As I was out there kicking around, I began to wonder why I was even out there. Ever since I could walk, I’ve played soccer, and although at one point in my life I had made soccer an idol, the past four years have all been me giving soccer over to God, in order to glorify His name with a talent He has blessed me with. During club soccer season, I would be the teammate to stay an extra practice, so that I could improve my skill on the ball. I ran extra on my off days to stay in tip-top shape. I even tried to eat super healthy, so that I could build more muscle, and my weight on the field would not affect my speed. I did all these things not only to make myself a better player, but also to get me to where I wanted to be…a Division 1 soccer player. By no means am I saying I’m the best there is, but I would say that I am a decent soccer player, and I have the capability to play at the D1 level. However, I am currently graduated from high school without any sort of commitment to play for a certain university. This isn’t due to the fact that I didn’t want to play in college, or I didn’t try to get there. I played in showcases, emailed coaches, and went above and beyond trying to keep myself desirable to the college coaches. I did more than the majority of the girls on my team, and I did it while worshipping God. While I sit here on my couch, writing this blog post, wondering about whether or not I’ll have the opportunity to play at the next level, every girl on my old team has committed to a school to play. I’m the only one left without my signature on a paper that details my soccer career at a university.

Quite honestly, it’s heart-breaking.

At times, I wonder if God just left me high and dry. I wonder why I, of all people, am the one who didn’t get a signing day. I get angry at the fact that I have worked my butt off, and have tried my hardest to give all of soccer to God, but it’s the girls who don’t even care about Jesus, or don’t give two-flying flips about training extra, that get the reward.

Here’s the deal though…

It doesn’t matter if I play college soccer. You wanna know why? It doesn’t matter because I am not called to work at things only for a reward. I am called to work at everything in the name of the Lord, as though I was working for the Lord and not for man, and to do it all for the glory of God. My motivation to work, or play soccer, should not be an external reward. I should be motivated by the fact that God has given me these talents and abilities that I have. Because of that, I should return the favor and glorify Him with everything he has given me. And it’s important to know that my work, and your work, will not go unnoticed. God doesn’t pick and choose scenes of our life to watch. He sees it all. He knows when we put in extra time to study for a big test. He knows when we clean the restrooms at work without anyone asking us to. He knows when we are continually staying in His word, trying to figure out the plan He has for us. He knows and He sees EVERYTHING. Nothing we do goes unnoticed. Nothing we do won’t be rewarded. God promises us in His word that we will be rewarded for our work one day.

“Work willing at what you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people. Remember that the Lord will GIVE you an inheritance as your REWARD, and that the Master you are serving is Christ.” Colossians 3:23-24

So, let’s not sit and worry about whether we will get the reward, because God says He will provide. And let’s not get mad at those who are succeeding in life, even if they aren’t living for the Lord. It’s not our place to get jealous of what they have. It’s our job to just keep grindin’ even if it seems nobody is paying attention. No matter what hardship we are having to face, let’s do like Paul, and “aim to finish the race that the Lord has given [us],” and praise God in the meantime. (Acts 20:24)




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